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Manufacturer: Schering
Active Ingredients: drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol
Action: It works by preventing ovulation, thickening the mucus in the cervix, and changing the lining of the uterus.

Yasmin 3 mg

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Yasmin is a good oral anticonceptive of new generation. It consists of an ingredient of new generation - drospirenone. This med is one of recent developments in the field of women prevenception, a new class of progestogen. Creating an artificial hormone drospirenone is a significant discovery in the field of women’s medicine and Yasmin is the first pharmaceutical at the present day, that comprises drospirenone. Other contraceptives also are produced of unnatural progestogen, but none of them has drospirenone properties. Yasmin is an ingredient similar to progestogen; it assists female’s organism to obviate abundant fluid in the 2nd half of the menstrual cycle. This denotes that a lady that takes the remedy will not have a sense of discomfort on the body mass gain due to gathering of abundant liquid. What is more, Yasmin provokes an advantageous effect on the derm, hair and nails.

Cheap Yasmin can be bought online. There are some ways of purchasing Yasmin - you can get this medicine in a closest chemist’s shop, purchase Yasmin in a bigger chemist’s shop or get this medicine online. However, it isn’t essential to be sure in the freshness of this drug you’re ordering. In this situation it should be better to order cheap Yasmin online, as all reliable online pharmacies send the medicines straight from the producers. Moreover, if you purchase cheap Yasmin online - the medicine will be shipped straight at required address. Cost similarly is important, consequently you have to calculate what will be the expenditures in the event, if you place an order for Yasmin online, obtain it in your local drugstore or acquire it in the bigger regular drugstore. It is essential to indicate that in the event if you place an order for Yasmin online you enjoy more benefits in comparison with getting this medication in the local drugstore - online Yasmin will cost less, will be 100% qualitative and fresh as well as will be brought to your door.

The pharmaceutical trials have observed that Yasmin 100% protects against fetation. When you get Yasmin properly your ovulation is restrained and the density of mucus from the neck of uterus is raised. Due to such process, the womb becomes unprepared for penetration of the ovum. Due to the raised density of cervical discharge, the implantation of semen into the womb becomes harder. Apart from its main impact, Yasmin is notorious for the reduction of premenstrual syndrome. It significantly weakens the discomfort in the premenstrual period - pelvic ache, tumescence, breast tenderness are rather abated.

Experts recommend administering "Yasmin" not just as a medication of contraception, but also as a treatment for pimples and liquid control owing to presecretion deviations, as well as for regular hormone regulation in ladies’ body. Women getting the med, underscore that the skin becomes more attractive, and the hair doesn’t get grease as fast as it has gotten prior to the cure.

A female may start administering Yasmin when she didn’t administer any oral anticonceptive aids in the cycle. The first pill should be used in the first day of the cycle - the succeeding day after the cessation of menstrual flux. Yasmin is administered per os as one tablet per day as it is indicated in the instruction. Keep in mind, that Yasmin should be administered at one and the same time every day with a small glass of juice. The course must be up to twenty one day. The course of the product ought to be initiated after a 7 -day pause, throughout which there can take place some hemorrhage.